Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) In Maple Ridge

Mixed Martial Arts PhotoMixed Martial Arts (MMA) is evolving faster than any martial art we have ever seen. Never before has there been a fusion of all ranges combining arts to function and transition through these ranges. MMA will provide the best self defense you have ever seen.

At Bateson’s Martial Arts our focus is on teaching safe, highly functional and technical fitness oriented programs. This program is White to Black Belt structured. We are focused on students interested in learning a variety of arts and want to earn their Black Belt.

This is the first Black Belt program in MMA available.

This program will focus on blending and combining Stand up (Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kick Boxing), Clinching and Take downs (Judo, Wrestling) and Ground work (Grappling and BJJ). Over the next ten years the fusion of these arts known today as MMA will be structured into high functioning Black Belt programs all over the world. We are very excited to be on the leading edge of this movement. Learn, have fun, get in to the best shape of your life and be one of the first to earn your Black Belt in MMA.

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Classes are high energy and focused on great technique and sound conditioning. This program is designed for Teens (Thirteen and up) and Adults, Male and Female who want to train hard and learn very effective skills without concerns of fighting or injury. These programs are for students interested in professionally structured belt programs. We train in a fun and safe environment with a focus on technique skill and fitness.

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