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Bateson's Self Defense and Kung FuIn today’s society neither men nor women can rely on government, their community or the local police to ensure their safety. All precautions are taken and they are doing their very best to ensure the public’s safety. The predators; from rapists to druggies to related abusers, understand that there is no way society can protect the innocent with any consistency and that you are easy prey.

Violence on the streets from road rage to bar disturbances turn deadly so fast that the average person has no idea how to respond or what to do.

Women and men need to fight back on their own. By enrolling in Self Defense classes you learn to protect yourself, be aware and understand how the predator thinks by not qualifying yourself as their NEXT target (victim).

With over 25 years experience in Martial Arts and 12 years specializing in Self Defense I offer a course which meets the needs of all women. If you are passive there are skills and techniques to fit your personality. If you are aggressive there are techniques for you. If you are not sure I will teach you to understand your personality and provide you with techniques that will suit you best. Although it is not fair that women need to take precautions to stay safe, it is a reality. If you are interested in taking control of your personal safety and not leaving it in the possible hands of someone else come and try my program and see for yourself.

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